intive speak up service

One of our goals is to grow better, not just bigger, and honesty together with transparency are an integral part of every business activity we are engaged in. All intivers are expected to maintain high standards of ethics and follow all internal policies and procedures. In a perfect world, people always act right. But it’s not a perfect world and all organizations face the risk of things going wrong. Any case of misconduct can have a very negative effect on the work environment and company’s reputation. It’s always better to fix the problem before it starts growing. Therefore, we would like to spot any wrongdoing as soon as possible and build a culture of openness and trust. The intive speak up service aims to help us with this. It’s a special, secure, independent and autonomous channel to signal all observed, actual or potential, misconduct. If you see or suspect any wrongdoing, don’t turn a blind eye and let us know about your concerns by logging the disclosure.

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