NTG Speak Up - the whistleblower system of NTG


NTG Speak Up is an independent whistleblowing service managed by Deloitte on behalf of NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S (“NTG”) for all NTG group companies. We call the service NTG Speak Up.

NTG takes whistleblowing very seriously and will review all reports made and initiate investigations where possible and necessary. Reports are completely confidential and you are not required to reveal your identity until you choose to do so.

NTG Speak Up is designed to receive disclosures relating to the matters below:

  • Bribery;
  • Fraud;
  • Forgery;
  • Corruption;
  • Theft;
  • Violation of industrial safety rules;
  • Environmental pollution;
  • Sexual harassment and assault;
  • Instances in which employees materially abuse access to systems in order to obtain information about co-workers        or  others when it is not work-related;
  • Violation of applicable legislation, regulations or other rules applicable NTG's business;
  • Violation of internal rules provided that:
    • the violation may lead to serious, recurring security risks; or
    • the violation may lead to serious financial risks; or
    • the violation may lead to regulatory measures; or
    • the violation may lead to a serious qualification from the auditor; or
    • the violation may seriously damage NTG's relations with employees or external parties; and
  • Other serious violations of NTG’s codes of conduct.

If you want to report a violation, this can be done here.

You can find NTG’s policy for i) reporting to NTG's whistleblower system, ii) investigating the reportings received in NTG's whistleblower system, and iii) following up on these reportings here.

Reports are confidential and you are not required to reveal your identity until you choose to do so. You should provide as much information as possible to facilitate any subsequent action or investigation.

If you wish to make a report relating to other matters not covered by this service, please contact:

  • For general queries about NTG – Local Management;
  • For HR and personnel issues – Local Management or HR responsible or Group Legal at grouplegal@ntg.com
  • For customer satisfaction and billing issues – Local Management.

If you have any other queries relating to the service and how it operates, please email euhalosupport@deloittece.com.

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